Buy One to use - considerations
This website is generating enquiries about what to buy for someone who cannot use modern electronic hearing aids.

Here are some hints based on 20 years of collecting them. Would-be collectors should read Caveat emptor.

I do not sell trumpets.

In general very small ear trumpets are not much use. A horn larger than the human ear is desirable.

The NHS offered several basic shapes that provide some improvement to hearing, but not an awful lot more than cupping one's hand over an ear. These items come up at auction quite regularly.

In addition I have added a modern reproduction trumpet that is readily available.

For the first 3 make sure the moulded ear tip is included.
Banjo This metal item comes in a variety of sizes - pick the largest. They are no longer manufactured.

Model nos are OL330, OL331, OL332

Prices £35up
Miss Greene Made of cellulose acetate (plastic) and much lighter to handle than the banjo this is nearly as effective. They are no longer manufactured.

Model no is OL340,

Prices £40up
Conversation tube This has the advantage that the speaker can use the horn close to the mouth to avoid shouting. Traditionally draped around the neck when not in use. They are no longer manufactured.

Model nos are OL380, OL380A, OL38001

Prices £10up

Telescopic 2pc Brand new from Dekoempire Germany, quite effective, clean and obtainable on EBay. (Avoid some of the other grotesque shapes offered by Deko).

Price around £49

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
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