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Thackray PAGE 2
I visited the Thackray in Jan 2014 by appointment with Librarian Alan Humphries who is a mine of information.

I was allowed to photograph the trumpet pages of 16 catalogues giving me 47 new pages of trumpet illustrations.

In addition we added 2 elements to the Medresco page based on items in the Thackray collection.

ALL the large images on this page courtesy of Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds.

They are shown here to illustrate some unusual aspects of their collection.
  unusual handle/ribbon loop on a Rein banjo
  twin tube monaural dome
  alternate view
  rare shape for an early Rein trumpet
  sort of stereo version !
  NHS offering in 1969 !!
  remniscent of the kids home made aids at Becker from the CID collection
  alternate view

Packington Collection of Ear Trumpets
Station Road, Pant, SY108JX, Shropshire, UK,