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Annual Review
I have been amazed at the trumpet finds in 2019 and made a list

Banjo Conundrum
Tells the story of how the same trumpet was sold by many different brands.

The Packington collection is stored in a purpose built bookcase.

This feature allows you to search different styles in my collection of over 70 catalogues.

Caveat Emptor is a very important page if you want to buy a trumpet as a collector,
otherwise read buy one to use. If you want a modern one check this.

The fake? page is a must read before you buy any sort of ear trumpet.

Markings which include MADE in ENGLAND or DRGM

I have closed my facebook page out of frustration with the whole thing. The UI sucks, the rate of update is insane, I just don't want other people adding stuff that is nothing to do with Ear Trumpets. And the number of 'boxes' that FB adds is just plain stupid.

I was asked to add a list of my favourites in the collection on Curiosity, with the reasons why they qualified.

View my privacy statement.

Just in case you missed it, the certificate, and the video.

I have listed a comprehensive set of brands (135) for ear trumpets.

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read about how 2019 has been a stellar collecting year
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I record 59 parameters on every trumpet in the collection.
The majority of these are published within the trumpet listing.
Details on these parameters are desctibed in the notes file.

Pictures ©
If you wish to use my pictures - please have the courtesy to ask

There are a host of ways to find information on this website. Having found a single trumpet page the picture is accompanied by all the published details with links to more information.
There are two pages showing the whole collection item by item:
1 Newer style - fast page, suits smaller screens with item by item browsing and it allows search by the collection buy no.
2 Traditional - This version sorts and displays 6 or all the trumpets with up to 7 picture thumbnails per trumpet but loads slowly.
Search pictures - allows search masks and display order
Search text - does that in just the trumpet database fields
Search all - uses a Google search for all pages on the website
Search manual - Enter a list of trumpet numbers to display, this allows comparison of any 2 or more trumpets.
I have been storing prices at auction and elsewhere since Feb 2104, over 1000 lines in this data set.
If you want to know at what price trumpets are being offered and sold this may help.
I have also studied how prices are varying at auction.
See catalogues search above

Tables of numbers which yield some interesting data.

If you feel something should be added, find an error or broken link please contact me.

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