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there are at least 4 off-the-shelf modern acoustic hearing devices which actually work
Dekoempire Germany
Modern replica

see my example

(sometimes Deko Empire is not available - try EBay or Amazon)
Shapeways 3D printed £30
Hearing Aid Museum
HearMe Dear Conversation Tube
and quite effective
Ebay - search for

'New Ear Trumpet Conversation Tube aid ear horn hearing'
or you could copy
Amazon Ear Glasses $10
and quite fun
and the joke ones:  
Amazon £7
Amazon £2.99
Trumpets may also be found here Fleaglass  
photos belong to suppliers    

You can hire a trumpet from:
Curious Science or Keeley Hire

for items using batteries
Sonic SE4000 Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier
Reizen Loud Ear 120dB Gain Personal Amplifier
Listen Up Personal Sound Amplifier
Bionicear G2 Personal Sound Amplifier
Sonic Earz Personal Sound Amplifier
Hearing Products EchoXL
Daily Mail article on assisted hearing devices